Legal Outsourcing

It is inevitable that in-house lawyers often do not have the bandwidth to timely handle all the legal requests that flow across their desks, especially during their companies’ fiscal quarter end or fiscal year end periods. We understand that it is not always feasible to add more permanent lawyers to the existing in-house staff and that companies may be looking for reliable, affordable resources to supplement their in-house legal staff for short-term assignments or on an on-going, long-term basis.

We believe that our Legal Outsourcing offering creates tremendous value by taking on the legal work that cannot be handled in-house by our client’s legal department. The result is to allow our in-house counsel clients to focus on the really important tasks of giving strategic and tactical advice to their management and business leaders. We work hard to understand our clients’ business objectives, and we strive to build a collaborative partnership with our in-house clients to provide them with the support they need on an on-demand basis. We offer alternate fee arrangements to help handle complex or time-consuming projects on a more affordable budget for our clients.

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